29 March 2010

Santorini 3/29/2010

OMG another EPIC day in Santorini! Began with trying to take a tour to the volcano but the seas were rough and it ended up being canceled. Had to trek back up 512 meter long "steps" Could have taken a donkey up, but felt I needed some exercise with 2 traveling companions I met up with for the day, they felt likewise, but then we almost got crushed by the donkeys when they came back down......

Had souvlaki for lunch (Greek fast food in a pita), hit 3 museums(which are free on sundays) and hopped the bus to Ia, the northern most town of the island. We timed it so we could watch the sun set, but what we didnt realize....was that today was the time change.....and the last bus goes back-er- kinda now....Except, wait a second, here enters Phillip. Hello Phillip! Phillip is from California and has rented a 4 wheeler for the past 2 days and is now offering me a ride back to Fira via his ATV. Really? Sorry people I came up here with- I cant pass this offer up!

I watch the sun set over the northern most point on the island with a fun group of people. Then had an amazing cliff hugging ride directly back to the place I am staying. (Sorry dad, was very safe I assure you)

What in the world will tomorrow bring?!
I miss everyone (I really really do!)

27 March 2010

Santorini 3/28/2010

Hello hello!

So yesterday I was on a bus with the gal I was traveling with, and we were leaving Paros (beautiful place) and we are sitting there, looking at an older gentleman in a suit, neat, tidy, nice old fashioned hat, and nothing less than: ray ban sunglasses. Modern Greece for sure!! I almost expected him to pull out a cell phone as well.

A local (Yiannis, from couchsurfing) gave me a lift in his car from the ferry landing, found me a cheap room and said he would come back to get me in an hour.... I should have known he was trading in his wheels- I just had the most beautiful moped ride of my life on the Island of Santorini!!! Wish I could post pictures.....but alas, the cord for the camera is in Sitka!

Healthy, happy and safe!

More soon!

25 March 2010

3/25/2010 Paros Island, cyclades

So I met up and followed a gal from Athen to the island of Paros, in the cyclades islands. Here we are encountering the REAL Greece! Real Greek coffee, real Greek feta(ohmygawd you havent tried feta until you have tried Greek FETA!!!!) and pasta with octopus......mmmm a traditional Greek recipe none the less.

Today is Greek national holiday, independence day for Greece. So everyone is free of work, worries, and ready to party!

A bit windy here today, but the sun does not mind, its still up there blazing away (plus the wind is warm so I kinda like it) They think its chilly- and since I am from Alaska I must be able to deal with it better, and about the proposal, dont get me started: no its not the REAL Sitka.... hehe but at least because of that movie we are now on the map!!

Getting ready to go to a local village for some festivities so I gotta go!!

22 March 2010

Athens 3/22/2010

Plane ride are usually full of stress, anxiety, cramped spaces and endless awakeness(cuz Im not one to follow the crowd and sleep on flights. HOWEVER the plane rides were great, I had no anxiety, got to get up and stretch a bit (I was on an aisle seat) and I was in the back of the jet (less bumpy) Was unable to sleep (at all) but, I got caught up on all of my movie watching. Will not have to watch any movies for the next 4 months!

Directions in Athens are terrible, not all streets are marked the same they are on maps, there are 2 to 3 spelling to everything. Ive been asked for directions twice- do I really look like I live here, REALLY?- and was even smacked on the back of the head on the metro the first time by an older lady because I didnt realize she was speaking to me. I must be arrogant because it actually made me laugh strangely enough, must have been jet lag, after all it is 3am Alaska time......

Today in Athen I met up with another traveler and we are having such a blast, getting sunburned, eating gyros, and early tomorrow morning, heading off to the island of Paros together.

Got a SIM card for my phone, and it seems to be working, but I still need to buy credit(minutes) at one of the kiosks before I can use it, and I will not know its really working until I try it. Its not extremely expensive, believe it or not, then again maybe I will have to buy a lot of credit......so if you get a weird international text message- dont worry its probably just me!

More soon,

19 March 2010

Seattle 3/19/2010

Friday March 19, 2010

Okay, so we are going to try something here, and by we I mean me. Instead of sending out copy and past emails to everyone who is wondering exactly where I am, how I am doing, and what I am eating: this is where you will find it.

One thing before we begin though.....I WILL NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS EVERYDAY. Or even every week. It really does depend on holiday/store hours/and island internet availability.

Okay, now that that is said, I spent the last 2 days in Seattle with Terri, riding busses, eating yummy indian food, attempting to find a reasonably priced phone plan that will not cost me an arm and a leg- I would like to come back to Alaska with BOTH my arms and my legs thank you (tee hee, Ive used that line 3 times at 4 different ATT stores and its been a hit every time!) Why 4 ATT stores you ask? Well because in order to get my phone unlocked I have to go to the "corporate" store and show them photo ID. Since we have already confirmed I am no good at riding busses, I am quite pleased to say I found 3 of those locations fairly easily. (Terri took me to the last, and final, corporate office) Mission completed, phone is unlocked, but now I have to find a SIM card in Greece on one of their many unpronounceable local networks. So no phone for a few days, unless its an emergency, and that will probably cost a toe or two.

Tomorrow at 10:45am I arrive at the Seattle international corridor to be herded like livestock through customs. Do you think they will quench our thirst after this long tedious drive- darn there they go confinsgating all my liquids.

More soon,


18 March 2010

Not all those who wander are lost?

Why does it take 2 wrong boardings, 1 missed stop, accidental quizzical gaze crossings with strangers (who then in turn glare back, clearly sending the absolute message that unwanted friendliness must DIE!!!) just to come to the already known conclusion that I am no good at traveling on buses. Period. I was not born with this particular talent and it appears to be one not easily learned by me. J.R.R. Tolkien must have been better at bus riding.

But this cannot be MY fault!! I was raised in a small island town where we didnt have a community bus until 2005. And even then there are only 2 routes (if you get it wrong the first time, dont worry, just stay on the bus for a while- eventually it will head back the other direction and (about an hour or so) you will arrive "unscathed" at your destination.

City traveling, however, takes you down yin and yang street and sores and boils avenue, until you are utterly and disparagingly: lost. My point and the finale of my rant, Im not a city girl.

Good thing I was at least born to be a good wanderer.

01 March 2010

Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes,

This March marks the 20th year we have been together. Wow. Who would have thought we would have made it this far. We have been through so much, some challenges, some pain, plenty of finger pricks, and doctor visits, but mostly a whole lot of learning on how we can be healthier by working with one another.

Sometimes I do feel like giving up and kicking you out to the curb. I admit you sometimes make it hard on me, especially when all I want is to consume an entire pound of chocolate. And through trail and error I see that a small piece of chocolate- and in moderation, is a good compromise for feeling good and having enough energy to understand why you chose me to be your host body.

I have learned that regularity in exercise is THE BEST medicine for most ailments. Although keeping a positive outlook helps a great deal as well.

You have helped me to pick out the best possible friends to surround me when I need a little extra compassion and help. And even in times of crises, they still stand by me.

You have helped me by truly appreciating my parents. Because even though other people also appreciate their parents, I know what mine have gone through for us. Often I think about what they had to witness their 7 year old going through 20 years ago, god they sure have been brave.

I want to thank you for enabling me to be a healthier, conscientious person. And to be able to teach those around me that living with Diabetes does not have to be a negative life sentence. And to keep educating me. Every. Single. Day.

Please keep teaching me, because I enjoy this life immensely.

Sincerely, Me.