21 October 2017

Utrecht Netherlands

18 September 2017

We are in Utrecht Netherlands today. A long pleasant (except our luggage is getting heavier!) walk to our airbnb then off to find a restaurant for dinner.

The stairs in the airbnb up to the only bathroom with a shower are a little narrow and scary!!
Google has been doing us good. Tonight Google told us to try a Greek Restaurant by the name of Dikkertje which means "roly poly" or "chubby" in Dutch.
This restaurant reminded me SO much of my visit to Greece in 2010, which is their mission- to be Greek in everyway here in Holland!

Everything from the taste of the house red wine(which they made themselves in Greek style) to the free sample of Ouzo at the beginning of the meal, by the way Ken loves loves loves ouzo now.......its good at the start of a meal to aid digestion they say!
to the Octopus starter- oh my, I want to go back just to have more of that appetizer!!
To the main meal of calamari and lamb shank.......

Our waitresses name was Xandy (pronounced similar to Shaundy or Sandy!) is the daughter of the owner, was so friendly and good that she even talked us into indulging in some traditional Baklava!

Since she liked us so much she then gave us(another free drink!) an after dinner aperitif that was made from persimmons! Sweet, but delicious!!
Xandy also recommended another great local place to visit for dinner for tomorrow (only since Dikkerjte will be closed)and I'm pretty sure we exposed her to the travel bug and might see her visiting Alaska some day soon!!!

We would go back to find this gem of a restarant!!

19 October 2017

Phillips museum

17 September 2017

I had a delicious smoothie in the Happiness kitchen, it really did make me happy!!!
Today we decided to go to the Phillips Museum. If you turn on the lights and use your kitchen appliances regularly, take a minute and thank the entrepreneurs that started Philips!

They might be far from us over the sea, but what they designed in the 1930's and on has made lasting effects on the evolving nature of the worlds technology today!
Light bulbs? Why yes, chances are the light bulbs in your home were designed by Phillips! They came up with ideas using different light spectrum to help design road lights that aid drivers to see at night too!

Always evolving, they then took bigger steps and designed other appliances. This museum was well laid out in chronological order, it was really fun to walk through and see how technology has changed as our world evolves.

They also spent time and money on research for health!! They believed it was extremely important to use their means to find new (and cost effective) ways to implement products into the health and medical field. They used light spectrum to develop axial tomography(xrays) beams and eventually cat scans! They were always looking for new ways to improve human lives!

Interactive displays(basically a wii camera) that uses body heat and facial features to tell you about your body!

We were pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this museum was.

Museums make you hungry? Okay lets go try this Sushi restaurant that has AMAZING reviews on google!

Quite satisfying, goodnight all!!