29 March 2015

Mission: Staking it out for NYE 2013!

                                                                                                Date: 30 Dec 2012
        Today is an important day! We have 1 simple task to accomplish today, and little did we know at the start of the day exactly what this would entail....

Mission: Staking out our New Years Eve spot to welcome in 2013!!
       So, you see, exactly just how critical this mission is!!!
          The good thing about the sprawl in Sydney; is there are SO many good vantage points to see the waterfront. That regardless of which spot we choose, it should be a good one!
        But our biggest task? Is picking out THE BEST one!!!!
Why is Sydney so LARGE?!  
          We walked a few more miles over the Sydney Harbor bridge to the "North Shore"- did I mention this big city life/traffic is not quite for me? Too fast for this island girl!!
         I think we agreed we do not want to get trapped(they close bridge traffic down during the firework show and 45 minutes before AND after) on the side of the bridge our accommodation is not on.... so we ambled back across to look at another option.

Above: People experiencing the Sydney Bridge tour while we walked under.

Left: Sydney opera House view from across the bridge from the North Shore!
          Not quite sure what Ken thinks of all this walking!! I hope this doesn't turn him off from ever wanting to go traveling with me again 😘

        But, as long as there is fish and chips involved he's IN for the long haul! Fuel up and continue walking on!! Right?!! He's So cute!!

        Ken is doing such a great job reminding me to take photos, and taking lots of photos too!
                 Of girls!!?!!
          Haha, don't worry I'm not the jealous type :) He was really only trying to capture an image of a sticker we brought with us from our local brewery and rigged up on a- that's right- A handy dandy versatile chopstick!!!!

          And we end up settling back on the first place we looked for our view: The Sydney Observatory which is located on the top of: Observatory Hill! Right in the center of Sydney.
              Perfect? We think yes.

          We walked probably close to 14 miles today!! 
But tomorrow, we stake out our spot and wait!!

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