08 March 2015

Kings Cross- the "red light" district

                               Date: 29 Dec 2012
Revisit to Kings Cross: aka the "red light district" and a visit to backpackers head quarters! (Though we are not lodging here this time around)

It's a true fact; I stayed here, in this exact hostel pictured- with my dad and my brother in 2007. Other than a rare interaction with the bouncers across the street at the night club and the very intoxicated Canadians we were room-mates with at the time.... The "red light district" is a fairly safe place. (Ask me in person if you would like to hear the Canadian/bouncer story firsthand!

A few quotes we couldn't help but pause and ponder on the sidewalk.

Also a true fact, we only came here for the Gelato Mio(ice cream) that one of our companions read in a brochure was a "must try" while visiting the Cross and Darlinghurst.
An extremely warm day today deserves a yummy treat right?! We are still acclimating to the warm temperatures, and most likely will for another week(maybe more!) 

A good day for revisits!

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