14 May 2015

NYE Sydney is the place to be.....to wait. And wait....

                               Date: 31 Dec 2012
And wait some more in order to keep the spot you had previously staked out from your last post!!

If you move, you lose your spot! There are 1.5 billion + people annually that trek to Sydney to watch the much anticipated fire works display. And 1.1 Billion more reported to watch it televised.  After all, Sydney is the first place to turn over into the New Year!! Tell me, where is a better place to be?

Pictures cannot describe what we were not able to capture on camera, so just enjoy what we happened to catch....

And its over in an average of 12 minutes...... Worth it? Yes!! And a much needed day of rest for our tired feet! Plus, the drunken crowds afterwards are highly entertaining.

Happy 2015 to everyone!!