15 February 2015

Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk

                                 Date: 28 Dec 2012
Do you know what one of the things I love most about traveling?
Meeting other travelers and exploring!!!!!!!
Even something as simple as going to the nearby market to pick up snacks, here we shared our tasty finds of grapes, mangos, and a few other exotic fruits to fuel our way to the beach!!

     Yes, to the famous Bondi Beach that is!!
     The bus ride here isn't the easiest to figure out, and we ended up getting off early and walking through the town down towards the beach(about 2 miles)
             Then, as if our morning wander/walk to the beach were not enough; we decided to go for the Bondi to Coogee 6km walk (about 3.75 miles) you know, just to stretch the legs a little bit!

Then it got a little windy!!!!!

        But, we kept on walking- because we are troopers, that's what we are!!!

            And walking.....

This was surely a day for walking!!
Then we had to walk another 2 miles or so to find a bus depot, 
the first one we found wasn't running this day :( It happens :)

         We walked about 10+ miles today- I think? And we all ended the day with just a tad bit of sunburn, and not to mention windburn and a LOT of tired feet.
We shall all sleep well tonight!!!!
Love exploring with friends!!!