25 December 2014

Why books are better than boys

I haven't written for quite a while, let me tell you, I knew that buying a house keeps you busy but PHEW!! But, in the next few months I have some fun upcoming blogs for those of you that have stuck around and periodically poke me and ask me, "Hey! What happened to that blog of yours."

So, a very close -yet currently far away-friend came up with the title for this blog post, and at times it has been very true, I have been known to say sentences similar to this statement....

Boys. Boys are a lot of work.
They take attention, that in some opinions could be spent on reading. 

They don't always understand those nights that all you want to do is curl up in comfy pj's with a cup of hot peppermint tea and lose yourself into another realm. To be interrupted....is, well.... distracting. To say the least.

This year, its true, I have found me a distraction. One that I am quite fond of really, but it (he) does butt into my solo reading time quite a bit....but, more often he also entices me to curl up next to him, in my frumpy pj's, messy hair, bowl of pistachio's in reach. What can I say, I'm in love with this one of a kind guy. 

Disclaimer, *he will be showing up in more of these blog posts as though it weren't 2 years later, and I'm just now getting around to updating my life. Dear reader, you and I have LOTS of catching up to do- I do believe :)*

This particular winter I borrowed 2 "hot off the press" books for myself from the library, along with 3 more books for my guy to read(as I knew he wanted my 2 books to read) by the time I was half way through my second one; he had read ALL 3 of a separate series AND the first of the books I had rented.... 4 books to my 1.5.... I would say this guy enjoys good books just as much as I do. Or even MORE THAN I DO!!

And I am just a tad envious that he sets time aside for himself more readily than I do for reading. He reads in the morning after he has gotten ready for the day and work. Me, well... my mornings are hectic and rushed and the snooze button hit as many times as I can before bolting breakfast and a slosh of coffee and here's to hoping I am fully dressed.... (In my defense, I have never arrived at work in this latter state) but I for sure do not think about reading in between my "snoozes" and the few times I have tried to read in the A.M. all it does for me is ease me gently back into slumber mode.

So while I perhaps don't think books are altogether "better" than boys, I do think that finding a boy that enjoys books as much (or in this case more)and learning how to to balance with books is always a good thing ;)

I'm off to stick my nose in a GREAT book written by Patrick Rothfuss called "The name of the Wind" my guy has recommended it to me, and I highly recommend it to you!!! That should keep me out of trouble for a while. At least until my boy gets home. Turns out he also likes peppermint tea ALMOST as much as I do :)

Merry Christmas!!