01 September 2012


Did you know that there is no such thing as a right hinged microwave? Really, companies only make microwaves that open from the right side.

I have a space in my kitchen. I've pondered it for a while and decided this space is just right for a microwave! But, what would be even better, is to buy a microwave that opens from the opposite direction so myself(or guests) do not need to lean over the counter(as the space is pushed back into the corner) to warm up some leftover chicken taco casserole.

So I go to my local hardware store to look. Now, I know this will not be the cheapest place, nor have many options to choose from, so I am not surprised when they do not have what I am looking for. My next stop is amazon.com. Because they have free shipping of course!!

Do you believe it? I can't find a residential right hinged microwave at all! So I venture farther to google.... Okay, so I find a stainless steel 750 watt opposite door 5 cubic foot commercial microwave for just a little under $2000.00. Um.... Plus I don't think I will be needing 5 cubic feet, unless I start dating a crab fisherman and need to melt a lot of butter, and I mean ALOT of butter!! There are a few options(also commercial) manufactured in Britain, but the power standards are different than our US voltage but cost and shipping ain't cheap from there either!

This begins a discussion at work, causing everyone to go home that same night and analyze their own micro directional alignment of the feng shui of their cooking station. Now that we are aware of it, it seems none of us has ever seen a microwave of this caliber. A discussion that turns into a rant, a rant that turns into an obsession. Dangit!! I can't help but want a microwave that opens the other way!!

Plus I am left handed, where is the mastermind that patented the left handed scissors, or the left handed rotary cutter, or how about the left handed can opener? Don't they know that a left side opening microwave could possibly help life of left handers around the world easier!?!

Okay maybe not easier but happier.

And forever more I will be looking at every microwave I run across just see if maybe, just maybe one time there will be one little microwave that is different. That stands out from the rest.

For now, that space in my kitchen will be designated for my crock pot. Winter is around the corner and I will need it for soups and stews and maybe even some of that yummy chicken taco casserole. Who needs a microwave anyway?

I know I have not blogged for a bit. I have been busier than usual and have some medical issues going on, but Im back- This one is for you mom, and your coworkers too ;)

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