03 January 2012

Adventures in housesitting 104: Quad dog

Maybe this isn't a whole post in itself but..... Same housesitting job as the last episode; different dog.

I let them out the door to go potty around 3:15pm this afternoon, just before it gets dark outside, and what happens? Only 2 of the 3 dogs come back 2 minutes later when I call for them. Okay no biggie, I wait another 60 seconds. Then I step outside And call again. Nothing. This dog happens to be hard of hearing and I know that higher pitches work better for this guy. So I whistle. Still nothing, hmm...okay this is not the first time he has wandered away from this hearing issue but he always comes back after 10 minutes.

Ten minutes later. No trace. I'm still not too worried but the neighbors down the hill are plowing and don't want him to get in their way so I slip my boots on to go look for him, wait though, the phone is ringing! Caller ID says it is my coworker? Who lives a few blocks away (but ACROSS the street) my gut is already telling me....... The collar has his name and number to the cell phone of the owner(gulp) and the house phone number.

Which I answer, it's my coworkers wife, and speak with her briefly. Sure enough he has walked himself down the 400 yard steep hill, across the icy road to visit(and get a rewardable dog cookie) at a pooch doting coworkers house.

As icy as the hill is at the moment, and so I can get down there quicker as she is waiting for me, I jump onto the 4 wheeler and boogie down to retrieve him. I look both ways, and scoot across the highway to the road where they live. He sees me and hangs his head, I reach down and pat him on the head and tell him (he cant hear of course) that is is a very naughty boy! All the while thinking, oh no, how am I going to get him back safely across the road!?!

I could get off the 4 wheeler and walk him across, only I do not have a leash to secure him on the other side and he would of course, follow me back across.  I could have her hold him for a minute so I can bring the quad over and walk back to get him! Aha, oh wait though! As I am thinking this he is already solving the issue at hand by climbing up behind me on the bike: "okay captian, ready when you are!!" He signals.

Nice, the dog not only knows how to walk himself and ride a quad(he may be better than myself at this) can he cook too?
Okay, maybe this was a longer post than I first let on. Not that I condone dogs running off in the first place(but it does happen) I am happy to have him back.

ZZZZZOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! Happy New Year everybody!!!!!

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