10 January 2011

I was born this way

Mae West said it best: "Im single because I was born that way."

I dont mind people asking if I have a boyfriend, I will even usually give them an honest answer.

I only slightly mind when people are trying to hook me up with "a really really really nice guy." Really? Why is he single- or better yet; why dont you date him then?!

What I DO mind, is when through the grapevine, someones friends, brothers, friends nephew; asks about me but will not talk to me in person. I find out this sort of entertaining information from an older gentleman that is also a friend of my fathers. Then I am told by the same man: "To stop being scary to the young men your age"

Really? Am I scary? Yes, I suppose so. I like knowing who these guys are in order to find out more about them, if I dont likey- yes its in my best interest to use scare tactics to get myself (as quickly and painlessly) away.

Darn grapevine anyway. Why is it not so normal NOT to be in a relationship? A big percentage of the relationships out there are unhealthy anyhow. I am learning that I am not so attracted to the guys who are interested and come after me, so I suppose I am also learning how to go after the guys I want to get to know. And thats a serious challenge for me. So Im waiting. Waiting for the right situation. Waiting for the right guy. Just waiting. But dont worry Im also learning how to jump!!!

Dont assume Im not enjoying the wait either!
Im learning to speak out, just like Mae! She had some
pretty good quotes, here are a few of my favorites:

"I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it."
Mae West

"Don't keep a man guessing too long - he's sure to find the answer somewhere else"
Mae West

"It is better to be looked over than overlooked."
Mae West

"I'm no model lady. A model's just an imitation of the real thing."
Mae West

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
Mae West

Lets go dancing Mae!! Wheeeeee!!!!
Its my birthday week! Happy birthday to meeeee!!!

01 January 2011

Yellow underwear

Do you ever accidentally leave your door unlocked?

I first walk in my humble abode and oddly I see some movies stacked on top of my vacuum cleaner. Strange, I thought to myself, but my brother must have dropped them off after borrowing them. I absent mindlessly replace them to where they belong. And go down my hallway into my bedroom where something just doesnt seem right.....
Something is different.
Something is moved.
Someone has been in my house.

The curtain over my window has been moved an inch and it was not me that moved it. A tingle of sensation begins to prickle my spine as I turn and look towards my file cabin that is opened a crack, and also not by my doing. I walk towards it and pull it open to look into it and I see exactly what is supposed to be in there: sewing odds and ends, fabric and some pictures in an old musty box that I think to myself oh yeah I need to sort those...

I close the cabinet and turn to go back out to the living area, except, wait! How did I miss this the first time I walked by it? The top drawer of my dresser is also open just a crack.

The day before I had dropped some things off at my house and left with the door unlocked, thinking I would be returning....only I didnt come back until the next day.... as I slid open the wooden drawer my heart almost leapt out of my throat as I realized not only had my personal belonging been ravaged through...but most of my undergarments (particularly my cute underwear) was gone.

Im so disgusted right now. I have to tell someone, so I call a friend. Only she does not answer, so, I resort to posting a rant on facebook, going something like this:

is utterly disgusted... someone entered my house (yes I left it unlocked) riffled through some stuff, took out movies (and left them sitting there) then proceeded to steal my cheerleader beer, and, sadly need I say completely morally wrong...my fucking underwear!!! seriously? PERVERT!!!! I hope you get shit on by a diarrhea diseased seagull that just ate a rotten deer carcass thats been sitting for weeks decomposing!
Ahem, yeah, pardon that little outburst. I wouldnt usually put that on my profile but desperate times result in desperate measures?....

I dont want to point fingers or accuse anyone, but I do have a suspicion of who it is. As much as I feel exposed and vulnerable I dont wish to get the police involved. And Im not the type to start rumors because of an injured pride, but im watching YOU. Truely you are a pervert and if you think you didnt do wrong I hope karma bites you in your stinking arse!!

Sigh even though this was written in a present tense, this actually happened about 4 months ago (August 2010) And recently a woman approached me and the first thing out of her mouth was that she was really embarrased.....turns out it was her boyfriend at the time who was drunk and came home with an armload of- you guessed it- ladies intimates. At first she didnt know they were MY items, but through the grapevine it turns out that my post on my facebook page led her to the information and the need to tell the truth.

It hasnt come around full circle yet, but I know the sick man fairly well, though I did not trust him before and I dont ever want to encounter him again during his life. I dont know what will be said and I dont wish to think more on it. My friends urge me to report it, and I h0nestly dont know why I hesitate. Im still in shock I suppose.

On a happier note with underwear(and also a more recent facebook status):

I heard on the radio today that if you wear yellow underwear to ring in the New Year it will bring you luck and potential mates. Will you be wearing yellow tonight? Bring it on!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!

Happy New Year- Be Safe!!!!