18 November 2009

Greek orthography

It is never good for me to pick up a travel magazine....any travel magazine.....especially Afar travel magazine (which Harry Race Pharmacy carries by the way)

How many steps does it take to get to Greece? I know you all think I am totally obsessed with going to Norway- which I still am. But as the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy so bluntly yet confusingly states: sometimes you get diverted.

I am still planning a trip to Norway. I just am being diverted by going to Greece.....first. Over the Alaska day holiday weekend I met an influence that triggered my brain into action. Now everything I hear about Greece sounds fantastic, I get excited when I see a movie that is set there or books that even mention greek culture. I am googling things that I didnt even know existed. And attempting to pronounce landmarks and island names.

Although it cant be as bad as attempting to say: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, dont worry I cant pronounce it either and dont wish to hurt myslef trying, a town on the island of Anglesey in Wales, England. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llanfairpwllgwyngyll

And the dolphins, there are dolphins appearing to me everywhere! Mostly in movies, but magazines, a book, on a randoms persons t-shirt, even in the form of kitchen magnets they find a way to appear, and they have been playfully swimming through my dreams. Is it a sign? A sign I must watch the intro to hitchhikers guide to the galaxy far too much. Stinkin special features with the sing along bonus track....

This sounds all too familiar as well; since this is what happened before I took my trip to Austrailia in 2004. This mad rush- which is good before taking a trip, because you dont really want to go somewhere you are not fanatical about, that soaks into the pores of your eyeballs and you get oh so excited to go there to encounter it for yourself.

Now I cannot stop thinking about Greece. And this darned magazine isnt helping matters any, its gives these awesome links to research institutes such as this Ionian dolphin project:


Doesnt this look just a little too inviting?

For tonight I will focus on finishing up reading the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (fantastic book by the way) then as I look around for the others, I may find myself somewhere on an adventure in Greece....

to be continued......

14 November 2009

Turtle Transformer


Thats right, I said COWABUNGA! Not a word you hear in the everyday rafts of drifting nouns and questioning semi colons of conversation? Well, I've used that word a bit in the past month. And for good reason, I was preparing myself to transform into:

A teenage mutant ninja turtle!

Yep you heard correctly there too. In fact I didnt have too difficult a time rounding up certain individuals (you know who you are) to come along for this plight. But just where were we supposed to begin?

Bring on the pizza! And the brainstorming of how the costumes are going to come together, then the gathering materials, and cutting, and sewing, foam stuffing, more sewing, threading needles, even more sewing. Ugh I think I am starting to see GREEN! Better order more pizza..... to make these finger stabs more manageable!

Oh by the way....did I mention I signed us up for the lip sync competition? Teeheehee I didnt? Well dont worry, we are only on the waiting list.

Back to sewing, and this pizza delivery guy- I think he's onto our secret. He knows that we know that he may know about our turtle parties. Why else would we order pizza on a sometimes biweekly basis? Its not like we are having it delivered to the sewers- sheesh- boy did we have fun watching the films, 80's flashback for sure!

This year was the 25th year shell e-bration (anniversary) of the teenage turtles. I think I must know how they feel, Im about the same age and sometimes(if not most of the time) still act like a teenager.

Because OMG! OMGG, I just received a phone call AAAaaaCccKKKK!!! (I really did scream out loud at work, in fact a coworker came in to check on me)

He asked: "Are you okay"
Me: "No, ....yes, maybe.... no- definately no." Gulp.

The phone call I just got was from Raven Radio who is hosting the stardust ball and lip sync competition. Can you guess what I was freaking out about? Sigh. Time to call all the turtles and let them know we had better find our music and start forming a routine and get our turtles butts into action! Oh and completing these costumes we have been working on so diligently would be a good plan, its turtle time!

It took us a little over a month of steadily working (and plenty of pizza)to make these radical reptile costumes. And cowabunga baby- we are proud turtle brothers!! Not to mention the friends made and sewing skills learned. It was a treat this Halloween for sure!

Now what are we supposed to do for next year?

Splinters pedicure special:
available now only down in the sewers.....

For more outrageously awesome pics of this years stardust ball
(because there are just too many to post here) visit:

Stardust 2009

and very very soon I will have a video post of the lip sync, I promise as soon as I figure out how to embed it here so keep checking back!!