30 August 2009

8 seconds of guilt

Adventures in meter reading is my current status: every time I go out on the field something is bound to happen. To me. To somebody. Something is bound to happen.

One beautiful summer day this year I squished a zygote, or an undeveloped bird embryo to be more specific. Or I really should say I picked it up to examine it and with an iota of too much pressure it exploded within my hand.

This little birdie did not even have a chance to hatch!

Now my guilt is a bit more than weighted in my mind, so many thoughts were flying through my mind as I randomly saw this white object on the ground and what, just had to pick it up on first impulse? Why do we do the things that we do, when the outcome could be less than desirable. (as it turned out this particular day in May)

The first of three thoughts that wriggled around up there in my gray matter in the span of 3.6524 seconds was: Could this be a stone? Its just so smooth... the next thought was: Or could this be one of those plastic eggs that you can buy to go with a toy kitchenette like I used to have as a child?

The next thought was more like a shock: !!OH SHIT!!! It was an egg. The incredible, edible, now nonexistent, egg.

A delicate, ultra smooth, lighter than you can fathom, simple yet extraordinary egg. to which I happened to come upon, pick up, and (gulp) totally dessimate in less than 8 seconds.

I wouldnt make a very good oologist.


07 August 2009

Lavendar and Lapis

You may be wondering why I have not been writing. Or maybe not. I am alive, yet struggling. My diabetes is giving me a fairly difficult time currently but thats not what Im on here today to give an update about.

I have been super busy with color schemes, decorations, menu choosing, looking up the proper way to spell tulle, organizing showers, naughty bachelorette antics(more to come later, I promise) dress alterations, misplacing every roll of tape that we bought, flower "trouble", getting all 5 of us bridesmaids somewhat on the same page, nail/hair appointments, not messing up the nails/hair post appointment, and aiding the bride in any humanly possible way that we could!


All for Jon and Joanna who got married on July 25th 2009.


I have to remind myself that its not always about words that I can twist and manipulate into something humorous and imaginative to give enough credit to this fabulous day. It was the the guests, the happy feel of the environment, both of their wonderful overly helpful families, and most of all the smiles on both of their faces that only these pictures can portray! Enjoy!

Photos thieved by me but beautifully taken by John Petraborg
Kayla Lea Weis
and Kimberly Davis!

Here is the much anticipated link to over 800 photos from this wonderful day in July:


Make sure to check out all 3 separate folders: bridal and groom parties, the ceremony, and the reception.