18 July 2009

We're doing WHAT with those plungers?!!!

July 18, 2009

Clear the road is right! Watch out Sitka, here comes
a flock of wild bachelorettes just itching for
some fun on the town!!

We are totally jazzed up! We have been planning this party and the play lists for weeks (unbeknowest of the bride to be)
and we cannot wait to get this party on the road!!

Our one and only problem: the bride is, not so jazzed about the
attention a last night out on the town attracts.....
but once we got all the ladies together, the energy was contagious and dinner was fabulous.

we even had a good sport waiter
we harassed pretty mercilessly.....
lets just say he earned his tips that night!

Then we started our games.

Game number 1:

Under no circumstances do you say ANY mens names, not so hard? hahaha we shall see! You say a man/boy/guys name; you LOSE YOUR BEADS!!! (Plus once we run out of beads we are going to tape condoms to you.....)

Muahahaha. Bring it on!

A little bit of fun at the local gas station.....
where else were we supposed to play our next game?

I am a paying customer, I just hope they don't have to check their cameras for drive aways for the next couple of days or they may keel over with some gut wrenching laughs with our plunger game.

Game number 2: we break up into teams and relay style have to run with a plunger between our legs (about 10 feet away) and aim- with no hands now ladies!- the stick of the plunger into the roll of toilet paper between the legs of your teammate.

You had to have been there.

Maybe we should give guys a bit more credit for technique huh? Much tougher than it seems!!!
Then our creative gals improvised a bit with the plungers and gave the bachelorette even more reasons to pose for the camera!!
Have you been working
on your carving skills? Don't worry I think we have that
particular dexterity covered!

Working diligently
on the "nuts" for the extra embellishment on the cake.
We have to make it appropriate for the occasion, right?!

Nothing says excitment quite like the bachelorettes face at our revealing of the "penis cake"
pure awesomeness, if I do say so!
Then out we go to Pioneer park for some more publicly humiliating games.

Um, don't ask, lets just say
we like playing with our vegetables.....
Or maybe still hungry? Maybe we should
have kept some of that weenie cake around to snack on....

If you can believe it we had the entire party sans any alcoholic
beverage, yep we are THAT zany and crazy completely on our own!!

A little dancing out at kellys, some jaw dropping dares
(We had some pretty brave chicka's teeheehee....)

And an all around great time. See Ms. Bachelorette,
it wasnt too embarrassing?! Want to do it again?

Watch out single ladies, I KNOW WHO IS NEXT!!!!

(No, really I do...!)

11 July 2009

Barbie shower

July 11 2009

"Im a barbie girl, in a barbie world, life in plastic, its fantastic. You can brush my hair...." Oh ahem. Sorry. Sometimes while wedding planning is underway it begins to feel surreal, almost like you are playing make believe. Dont believe me? Ask the barbie- er uh I mean the bride to be!

Zoe, Robin and I, had way, way, way(way) too much fun making and decorating the barbie cake for the bridal shower. Dont believe me with that either, take a look at the over surplus of pics:
Trust me there were even more.......what can I say she was a willing model! No complaints from her.

No complaints from the beautiful bride either, we even talked her into wiggling into her gown (yet again) so we could ooh and ahh and take pictures of her with the cake.

The bride scandalously got away with giftcards, some naughty lingerie, and even some paperwork for passports! (thats right dont forget to turn those applications in guys....) I cant help it, I love to encourage travel whenever I can! After a bunch of games the bride could not wait to get herself better acquainted with the aforementioned doll of the hour.

I think the bride had a little too much barbie sugar......and ms. plastic cake topper needed a rest from all this chaos. Wonder what the bachelorette party has in store!? Stay tuned......

"Cmon barbie, lets go party oohahoo oohahoo..." Now will someone pleeeaaasssse help in removing this darn brain penetrating song by aqua from my head! GAAAHHHH!!!!