10 April 2009

queen of the corgi

The queen of England aint got nuthin on me! Okay, perhaps she is 6 up on me.....by that I mean she lives with seven of the little devils. I coexist with one. And I absolutely cherish my Corgi pup!

When most people think Corgi, they think: oh cute little dog with short legs, stumpy tail and gigantic ears!! Well, I think they dont realize just how much personality and attitude comes in the package of a medium sized dog with what looks like filed off legs. Their long little bodies sit so low to the ground you would think they would have trouble navigating, but seriously, he is just as nimble as any dog on holding his own while hiking. We decided not to crop his tail when he was born. Will give him more personality we told ourselves, now I ponder, would he have had any less personality had we chopped it off? Gah!!!

We have good days where my Corgi wants to please me and go everywhere I go, will sit patiently as I run my errands, wags his tail when I talk and complain to him at all the appropriate times, is cuddly when you most need it, and will eat ANYTHING you give him (a fantastic vacuum he is) We should have named him popcorn, since he will do anything just to get a seed. Once he sees you plop a bag into the microwave or hears the sizzling of the butter heating up he cozies right by and waits for the opportunic kernel to fall within his paws reach.

He sings along with me when I play the harmonica (however unharmonic we tend to be) he doesnt seem to mind if ever I am off key. He patiently awaits your arrival home via sitting on his perch next to the window overlooking the street. A good watch dog he is. He definatly knows how to use his high pitched bark to tell you only what he knows is true (Sigh)

And then there are the bad days. The days he goes running off down the street because he doesnt feel like going with you at the precise moment, the days he is vocal when you tell him to sit or stay and runs under the truck when you try to put him into it, the days (everyday) that he jumps up on every living being, the day he chews up the homely bamboo plant sitting so quietly next to the window minding its own business with the available sunlight, or when he runs into someones house just because the door is open. "What," Caeser says "isnt that an obvious invite?"

I get a big kick out of cruisin in my truck with my pal in the back, nose in the wind, content look on his foxy little face. When we pull over to get out of the vehicle people watch as I walk around to release the tail gate and the little monster launches himself at me (he always expects me to catch him- even if my hands happen to be full) and I set him lightly on the ground and he scampers off on his mini legs. People laugh.

Caeser doesnt seem to mind when he makes people laugh, I think he likes it. This breed of dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE people. I have never seen dogs who enjoy interacting with people so much. In fact I believe Caeser may know more people in this town than I do! Or my dad for that matter. Caeser hangs with my fabulous dog loving friends and my dads friend circle. And I think he knows all on an individual basis, I wonder if he has trouble remembering names?
Caeser, Bandit and Lucy are 2 years old this month (April 19th) Happy birthday puppies!!!