11 March 2009

Deerly Encounters of the Creature Kind

Do you ever get that feeling that something is watching you? The little hairs on the back of your neck stand on end giving you that unusual sensation that something is not quite right.

Today I had that feeling, not a lot, just a little. I got out of my truck and looked around at the snowy landscape. Nothing out of the ordinary that I could see. Hmmmm. I walk down the hill.

As I walk back up the hill, once again my intuition is telling me something is off, and this time I could hear some sounds. As I scanned the area I saw a form pop out of the bushes just ahead to the left of me.

It was a gorgeous doe deer! I stopped in my tracks, as she was about 15 feet in front of me and we just stood there. Staring at one another. I began speaking to her, softly at first. I then told her I was going to be walking toward her and that she should probably hop off into the bushes any time now. Except I think my talking to her was a little too non threatening. She continued to stand there and gaze at me, not looking worried one bit.

I got to about 4 feet from her before my mind started to say that she should really be dashing off into the woods now. The next thought to float through my brain was, I have an apple in the passenger seat of my truck, I am close enough to extend my hand and feed her if only I had my apple. And for those of you who know me well, I hoard my snacks to no end, but I would have gladly shared my apple with this doe.

Which would most likely explain why she was so fearless of me, perhaps someone in the neighborhood is feeding her.......hmmmmm.

Finally I get too close for her comfort and she bounds off up the hill side and into the shade of the snow laden trees. I finish my work and jump back to my truck. Only then asking myself, darn, why didnt I use the camera on my phone to snap a photo of her!!! Well even if I had thought about it, it would have taken me a precious second or two to find the camera application(since it is a fairly new phone and all grrr.....)

If only I had time in the day to post all that happens to me throughout a regular working day. And this apple sure is yummy!

03 March 2009

Tax Evasion, er I mean Invasion....

I figured I should do something productive with the free time I had tonight as it does not seem to come around too often, in complete unhindered form anyhow. I seriously thought about blogging more about(oh no now why in the world would I ever do that) my so called life, but when I looked at my bag sitting there minding its own business I decided to delve into it to find a piece of gum. However I proceeded to uncover my uncompleted pieces of tax pile. Sigh.

I began mine about 2 weeks ago....I put them off to the side and have been in a perpetual grumpy mood ever since I started them. I didnt realize it but there they were, those W2's, and flimsy bank interest slips, flying retirement account, numerous forms, formulous numbers, (almost as confusing as the actual taxation process) unremembered account information from last year, economic stimulus drama(because I didnt get one and they are the only ones who can and wont tell me why)......all hovering in the back creases of my mind. Waiting, just waiting to be picked up and completed before the dreaded due date of April 15th.

And I am now pleased to say after multiple snack breaks, eye rubbings, grumbling, catching myself singing along loudly with the music, dog harassing procrastination, I finished mine tonight!! Huge sigh of relief, and give myself a pat on the back until next year.

Have you done your taxes yet?