08 April 2011



This is a test for my blog; I am unsure how to get a keyboard on screen for creating a blog on the blogspot site so I am testing this out. I repeat, this is only a test!

haha I am using my 'notes' on my iPad and going to attempt to copy and paste. I already like this onsite dictionary as it tells me right away when my words are misspelled (while the blog chuckles under it's breathe and waits until after I post to tell me of my numerous errors) and lookey at that.... It even hyphenates my words for me, I never use apostrophes in my words!! I wouldn't want peeps to think I have good grammar or anything!

I do take pride in having a good sense of spelling though....and am kinda liking this...haha even when I mean to use words like kinda (it doesn't quite like that)

Am sitting in westmark restaurant with my dad listening to Bellymeat and enjoying a beer! Happy Friday!!!!!

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03 April 2011

Skip a shot, not so fun

Skip a shot, not so fun, and Im not talking about a shot at the bar.

I had a tough day on Friday. It actually turned tough the night before when I realized I had forgotten to take my dose of long acting insulin the morning before. My sugars were running a bit high, and some shots of short acting insulin just didn't seem to be working..... That was the moment I realized exactly what my body was missing. Sigh. It is never a good idea to skip a medication, but the medication that is used to lower your sugar level and keep your body running is forgotten; it can have some serious consequences.

so Friday morning I take some insulin and struggle to get to work on time. I go in, make myself a cup of coffee then go sit at my desk and stare at said cup of coffee.......

Every coworker that walks in the door that morning "whoa, you don't look so good." then I get nauseous and have to go sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes or so..... I come back, extremely light headed and say I need to go home, just for an hour, until my sugar level comes down. Then I get even more dizzy and go lay down in our CAD room (where we keep our charts and maps) for another 20 minutes. Double sigh, I can see this is going to be an extremely productive day at work.

Eventually I get back to the house I am house sitting at, close my eyes for a few minutes then get up and put the laundry in the dryer (cuz I ran outta time this morning) and get dizzy and sit down. Then I take some stuff down to my truck, get dizzy, sit down. Start taking some stuff out of the fridge, get dizzy, lay down. It's almost lunch time and I have not eaten anything yet today. So I make myself a bowl of cereal, sit down and look at it until it gets soggy to eat it.... I'm not feeling so well, check sugar level and take some more short acting insulin.

It's cold in the house so I'm not having much luck napping for more than 10 minutes at a time. I decide to finish loading my stuff into my truck and move shop to my house where I will be more comfortable. After many light headed spells and rests, finally I am ready. I call work to let them know I do not plan on coming back in this day. Which is frustrating, as my sugar level is better now and I still have no strength and feel like crap.

So this is what its like to take a sick day!! I much rather would be working, but sugar is having a party in my blood stream and just won't settle down!!!!!!!!

On another note I have been following a meal plan on realage.com and blood sugars have been fantastic!! Hence that's most likely why my body is being SO sensitive to these higher sugar levels!

A word of advice, never skip medication. The older you get the deeper the consequences and the tougher it is to get back on track.

Try to take care of yourself!!!! (I am doing the best I know how and it still gets away from me at times) Challenging for sure.