25 October 2010

Alaskan Antics


This week has been so SO busy, housesitting, family in town, rolling black outs, work has been crazier than usual (blame it on the full moon coming up) Now, you have waited so patiently, (as have I) to see this darn dress that has been causing me so much frustration, a friend actually ended up calling a relative up North and sending some fringe here to Sitka!

So, here it is without delay(and without the fringe in front):

and here is the completely finished product just in time for dancing at the Alaska Day ball:

It still requires a few more adjustments, and I need to learn to be more patient with our local crafts store(though the guys at the hardware store are surely gonna miss me)but Im glad the skirt is finished, so next year, I can design and make the top!! Sigh.
Will I ever have time to learn Norwegian?!
Happy Alaska Day!!!

09 October 2010

Alaskan update

Soooo, just a little update to the peeps following this Alaskan episode in hilarious endeavors....because , really, what would you be doing online if not to follow my frustrations?

I mean- ahem- Im a bit frazzled with my results so far. It looks... okay. And I was on a roll the first couple days, had some pretty good ideas (some that I had to undo thanks to "expert" advice from a wonderful sewfully skilled friend)

But now Im....... stuck. Our local crafts store has run out of the ball fringe I decided to use to embellish my dress. I got rude(really, imagine that, me?) when they told me it would take 3 weeks to get more ball fringe in...!!

I left the store, pondered my options, since I had already put on the other half of the fringe onto the back of the skirt so therefore came to the conclusion that I NEED this damn fringe. I then tromp back to the store, buy white ball fringe and a box of black dye. (If you didnt guess I need black)

Fun with dye..... and hours later, I rinse the material and...

it didnt work!!!!!

I now have a pretty gray color though.....
The material was not as much cotton as I hoped it would be, this science experiment was truly a synthetic flop.

So off I frolic (can you tell im having too much fun) to our hardware store, and proceed to buy what I hope will turn my fringe black?

I reach the counter and the man asks me if I have found everything I was looking for today?

"Erm, kinda" I say with an enormous sigh that results in me deftly explaining to him my ordeal, by the time I leave the store I have 4 male clerks laughing at my antics (dont worry Im laughing as well as I have just bought black craft paint.....sigh) and rush home between the raindrops so I can spray it outside before another down pour begins (it is October and wet out here as is usual)


T minus 6 days to get this dress in wearable order! Sorry no pictures as my computer is being difficult (or maybe Its me being difficult?!) and plus I cant spoil the end results!

Off to the sweat factory for me again at the moment!! Ta ta for now!