26 February 2010

How to solo: Greece

Its true, traveling solo has its challenges.

Some people have thoughts similar to "what can she be thinking" running through the pathways of their brains. But what I really dont understand, is that what happened to these same people, to give them such a strong comparison that traveling solo is a negative thing? That traveling alone is ultimately a dangerous decision?

For many, traveling alone is a frightening prospect. Im not saying that nothing bad can happen, by no means do I think I am untouchable. My belongings are just as susceptible to be stolen as the next person. But by knowing I have no one to watch out for me, I choose to be alert. Aware. And listen to my gut feelings in every moment of every situation. Tiring, you think. Yes, but by being alert, aware and conscious of my surroundings at all times is also called experiencing. And it helps to hone that same intuition into finding positive situations. Because they abound in traveling, and they make me smile.

Having a travel companion to share in the journey is rewarding, but by not having one will not cause my trip to come to a crashing halt. I began planning this trip with someone, but it just so happened to not work out. I then had a lot of decisions to make, including whether to call the trip off entirely. And safety was a gigantous concern, but in the end, my desire to break out of routine, explore, and see the world won out.

I have been asked if I think I will get lonely. Truthfully, I am not scared of being alone with myself. And although I am a bit more timid (compared to my brother) at meeting new people, I am looking at it as a new challenge, there are other travelers out there. I will be teaching myself how to reach out. And by no means do the people who know me think that I am shy (right?!)

My biggest hurdles will be the language barrier. But mainly the slightly masochistic men; I dont want to put them into a category here, but its tough since they tend to believe all American women to be promiscuous. Well, they havent met me yet. And I am practising my "you shouldnt judge a book by its cover" speech, do you think I will be able to portray that same sentiment in
Greek? I have had plenty of experience warding off unwanted attention. Ahem, I grew up in Alaska, who can be worse than some of the rascally fishermen who call this lovely land home (what would we do without them though) I really believe the Greek culture to be welcoming and extremely proud of their past and present.

Although, presently they are having some political/finacial conflicts, which may also be a hurdle, but once again I will be relying on my instincts and will distance myself from trouble so as not to get caught up in a riot!

This should be a new fantastic journey for myself, one that will prove that if I can handle situations away from home on my own, than I can handle almost anything.

Greece, I am here!

10 February 2010

Love at first sight

Thats it, Im in love. Utterly without question. It happened the first time my eyes grazed over the white and black texture so pretty you just want to sink your fingers into the fur, wrap your arms around the neck and give a big bear hug.

To a Border Collie that is.

Every single one I have so far met I have fallen in love with.

Why Im so enamored with this breed may have something to do with the one my mom owned in the past. Sam, sweet, sweet Sammi. Smart, energetic, completely afraid of: noises, thunderstorms, most people, being in the back of the truck, the vet, to which all of the above she would hide in the bathtub.

But she sure was a great mouser. (Lets just say we never needed to have a cat on the property.)

My next dog is going to be a Border Collie. I had a dream recently confirming this. In my dream his name was Jasper. Unfortunately in current waking life, my housing situation does NOT allow dogs. Which is why my co-owned dog.... Ceaser, shares a roof with the dad. Not that dad is attached to this particular dog or anything.... say, dont you want another dog under that roof dad?

I encountered one today who was an aide on my route (well he thought he was extremely helpful) And, as I leaned down to tie my stubborn shoelaces into a double knot, I received 2 of the sloppiest/raspiest kisses Ive ever gotten from a dog, from my chin all the way to my hairline!

Sticky and wet, but I would accept another one, yup, definitely.

Goal for the next couple of years: buy a house where I can have as many loves of my life as I can handle. And heres to hoping they all get along!

No comments about men, Im talking doggies here dear readers!!

Have a beautiful drama free Valentines day, however you may end up spending your time. I'm going for a hike with my guy! (Ceaser of course)