25 October 2009

Things that do not scare me

There are so many things in life that scare me. While I do not try to dwell on these things, they wiggle themselves into my gray matter enough that I am able to take a deep breath and admit it.

So today is a dedication to all things that DO NOT scare me, because they outweigh the latter with a huge smiling "see I told you everything is alright."

So never mind the ultimatums of an ultimate run on sentence within a writers brainisphere as it appears with minimal editing for your reading pleasure:

mice, inebriated fishermen, snakes, granolas at health fairs, animal dander, sweaty armpits, thunderstorms, clowns, roller coasters, rainclouds, solitude (or complete silence), thorns, falling on ice, hard work, living with diabetes, blood, worms, glass elevators, splinters, conversations with strangers, 60 mph winds, ghosts, bees, allergies, making mistakes, walking through spiderwebs (dont get me started on the inhabitants), hiccups, surrendering, Gene Simmons tongue, motion sickness, dreadlocks, Stephen King- I kinda really adore him actually.... mean dogs, high adrenaline, land mines, losing control, darkness, spoiled milk, love. Watch out you aggresive fishy breath sea lions, I think you are curious and cute- really! Because one of my top priorities this year is overcoming the things that I fear.

And today I learned that Im not afraid of writing about my fear/or lack thereof. To take the time to make this blog I had to think entirely of what DID scare me to get to the beautifully engaging things that DO NOT.

What are you NOT afraid of?

P.S. If webs of spiders dont freak you out either check out this link and its MASSIVE web: http://www.badspiderbites.com/giant-spider-web/

Have a safe Halloween!!

( stardust ball pics soon)