28 February 2009

Mathmatical equation for dating

Sorry if this seems harsh but if you are under the age of 20 or over the age of 38 you need not apply.

Lately I must be sending out subliminal frequencies to older men. Is this because I am looking for a mature, successful, smart man? The only ones in Sitka who are picking up on these brain waves (and I dont think I am intentionally sending them out, but then again perhaps I am unknowingly doing so...) are darn near my fathers age.

Im NOT sorry for not wanting to give my own dad a heart attack!!!

So here is this so called equation: Take your age, divide it in half and add seven. That is the youngest for your age range that you are able to date. Try it. I'll wait.


It goes the other way as well. If someone older is trying to date you- first you must ask their age, (dont worry they will wait, and if they will not give it to you thats reason enough to not want to date them! Really what are they hiding?) divide their age in half and add seven. If the number is higher than your age you are too young for them to be thinking about you in a romantic nature!!!

Im not sure where this "rule" is derived from but first heard it years ago out of my brothers mouth, you never know when younger brothers will pick up crucial information to which you may benefit from if you never listen! All I had to do was remember the rule! I have to say recently Ive used it myself. And Ive used it on my dad. So you silly little girls need to go find someone in your own age range. (Sorry dad you know me loves you!!! :)

Do some math, its good exercise for your brain!

(**DISCLAIMER: As with any dating with a strong adult theme, some exceptions allowed with strong parental/child guidance and or acceptance by friends/family of an individual in the dating field is highly recommended** )

(*****By the way there is no age limit to having a no frills omelet any ol day!!*****)

12 February 2009

My Norwegian Dream Coming true

And no, by that I dont mean I met a handsome hunk of a man who is Norwegian by birth who is eagerly making my wildest dreams come true (although a girl can hope *grins*) If that were the case I would have labeled this entry "My Norwegian Hunk Dream Coming True" and you would no doubt hear all about it in detail.

But......I have had a particular notion in my head for some time and recently decided its time to help things happen. I have decided I am going to Norway. This coming June or September(date still to be determined) with my dad in tow we are headed off to the land of the Vikings!

Why Norway you ask? The cold weather I have been working in should be giving me a directional nudge somewhere warm, like the Bahamas, Hawaii, Figi, anywhere in South America if my internal map needs some broadening.

North, where the weather in September is just as rainy, cloudy, cold and gray as Sitka? But maybe June will be the better bet. With its immense beauty which draws my attention to it any time I see a magazine article or a picture on the internet or hear the language spoken. My heritage must play a role in why everything Norwegian seems to be so attractive to me.

Which by the way my favorite all time book that I highly recommend to everyone (even more so if you consider yourself a traveler) Is called "Berserk" written by a man named David Mercy, (you should pick up a copy of your very own because I keep lending MINE out and seem to have lots of trouble in getting it back) but they made a documentary of this trek and it is pretty great. The Sitka Library has a copy of this movie and I also recommend it (Or at least to get yourself on the waiting list) The captain of the boat is Norwegian and the film has lots of Norwegian influence is why this so happened to pop into my head....

I am about 25% of Norwegian decent. We have relatives in Norway, but some serious research will need to be done in order to meet them. As you leave the bigger cities and get into the more rural farm areas, communication seems to be not as easy. Internet is available but most people prefer a more simplistic way of living.

I am sure I will be talking, writing, singing, dancing and over communicating about Norway Norway Norway as my anticipation grows. So please bear with me in the upcoming 5-8 months. Who knows maybe I will find a Norwegian hunk to bring back to Sitka with me. Now we are talking!

03 February 2009

Banff film fest 2009

Its been another year and time for the Banff films to leave their thumbprints on Sitkans once more.

The films that are awe inspiring, packed with creativity and so full of energy as they leave us all with a sense of grace as they fly out of the filmmakers minds and onto the screen before us in such fantastic form.

This will be my fourth year of volunteering in Banff film fest Sitka. And if you couldnt tell I am thouroughly excited about the films we have lined up for the evening!

The radio announcer sounded like he was having a difficult time pronouncing Banff today, if I were there I would have told him "Its okay, it took me about 2 years to pronounce it correctly." I just kept repeating: banff, banff, banff, banff. And then somehow I found myself there in October of 2007. But that is completely another blog event to come.

Maybe soon you too will find youself there! So do not stall on getting your tickets if you havent already and I will see you at the show!!